Rafta Rafta - The Speed is a 2006 Indian Bollywood/Drama film. It stars Viraj Kumar, Urmila Rao, Sheetal Bedi, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Rahul Roy, Asha Sachdev, Monica Castelino, Shahbaaz Khan, Mumait Khan, Javed Sheikh, Pushpa Verma, Shakti Kapoor. The movie has been produced by Madhusudan Mehta. The film was released theatrically on 17 February 2006.
Plot: Story features Gayatri, who decides to send her grandson Akshay along with his friend, to Britain for further studies. Issues evolve when they go missing after abducting and killing a woman.
Genre: Bollywood/Drama
Producer: Madhusudan Mehta
Music Director(s): Sameer Sen, Dilip Sen
Release Date: 17 Feb, 2006