Piya Pyare is a 1934 Indian Adventure film. It stars E Billimoria, Jillo, Jamshedji, Ghaznavi, Sulochana. The film was released theatrically on 01 January 1934.
Cast: E Billimoria, Jillo, Jamshedji, Ghaznavi, Sulochana

Classic adventure fantasy setting in an unnamed Rajput-style court. The king's younger wife Taramati (Jilloo) is condemned to death for infidelity and her son Chandrakumar (Ghaznavi) is brought up by a distant uncle. The elder wife has twins, the lovely Princess Chanda (Sulochana) and the nasty Jaisingh, who turns out not to be their son after all. Rohil (Bilimoria) is the romantic outlaw who is revealed to be the long lost son of the good chief Sajjan Singh (Jamshedji). Rohil helps resto

Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 01 Jan, 1934