Moods Of Crime is a 2016 Indian Crime/Thriller film. It stars Ayaaz Ahmed, Anima Pagare, Uppekha Jain, Hemant Dedhia, Partho Das, Nilima Kadhe, Shyamal Ganguly. The movie has been produced by Sunil Shah. The film was released theatrically on 05 August 2016.
Plot: Moods Of Crime is a 2016 Hindi crime thriller featuring Ayaz Ahmed, Anima Pagare and Upekha Jain. Directed, edited and produced by Sunil Shah, it was released on 5 August 2016. Wikipedia
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Producer: Sunil Shah
Music Director(s): Jeetu Ramachandran
Release Date: 05 Aug, 2016