Mein Hoon Pyassi Suhagan is a 2001 Indian Action film. It stars Krishna Bansal, Sumeet Batra, Archana K. Bera. The film was released theatrically on 10 February 2001.
Cast: Krishna Bansal, Sumeet Batra, Archana K. Bera

Mumbai Police Inspector Vijay Kumar is in love with Journalist Priya and both hope to get married soon. Priya then comes across incriminating evidence against Mantri Satya Swami and is all set to expose him through the media. Before that could happen, she gets killed. The Police investigate but are unable to locate her killer. A year and a half later, Vijay meets with Suman, both fall in love and get married. When several men are killed by a female killer, who is nicknamed 'Pyassi', t

Genre: Action
Release Date: 10 Feb, 2001