Lakshmi Pooja is a 1979 Indian Drama/Fantasy film. It stars Jagdeep, Asit Kumar Sen, Narasimha Raju. The film was released theatrically on 16 November 1979.

Ramraj lives a wealthy lifestyle along with his wife, Janki, son, Bablu, a parsimonious father, and devout mother. He himself, Janki, Bablu, and his mother are devout worshipers of Devi Maa Lakshmi and they worship her in all of her eight (Ashta) forms, namely Gajlaxmi, Santanlaxmi, Vidyalaxmi, Dhanlaxmi, Adilaxmi, Vijaylaxmi, Dhanalaxmi, and Dheryalaxmi (which stands for Custodian, Propagator of human life, Knowledge, Prosperity, Timeless, Conqueror of all, Food, and Forbearance respectively

Genre: Drama/Fantasy
Music Director(s): Chellapilla Satyam
Release Date: 16 Nov, 1979