Khuda Ki Shaan is a Indian Drama film. It stars Ruby Mayer, Raghunath, R.B. Jagtap.
Cast: Ruby Mayer, Raghunath, R.B. Jagtap

Ramaki (Sulochana), a poor scheduled caste girl, has an illegitimate daughter by Manekchand; the son of the wealthy Krishnadas. She seeks refuge with a nautch girl. Krishnadas, who also wants to possess Ramaki, dies trying to kill her. Ramaki then seeks shelter with a young Muslim but they perish in a fire. Her daughter, along with the Muslim's son (Jagtap), is raised by a nomad, Garibdas Sadhu (Makanda), a character made to look like Gandhi. The youngsters are hired as factory hands by M

Genre: Drama
Year: 1931