Kavi Kalidas (1959) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Bharat Bhushan, Nirupa Roy, Anita Guha. Its songs are shaam bhayii, ghanashyaam na aae, duur dekh alakaapurii, aaj kii raat aaj kii raat chaaNdanii ang men aag lagaaye, abhiGYaan shaakuntal, duur desh se koii saperaa aayaa, main to janam janam kii pyaasii, Sakhi Hriday Me Halachal, Naye Naye Rango Se Likhti, Jai Saraswati, Preet Ke Bandhan Mein.
Cast: Bharat Bhushan, Nirupa Roy, Anita Guha

Kali is an uppercaste but naive and dim-witted Brahman and lives with his stepmother and her son. He has fallen in love with Pushpavali who is of a low caste. Kali's mother frowns on this and on the next small pretext throws him out of the house. The villagers do not show any sympathy for Kali. Kali and Pushpavali decide to leave the village. Princess Vidyotma hears Pushpavali singing and invites her to the palace to be her maid. Vidyotma is not married and will only marry a man more inte

Genre: Drama
Producer: Jyotish Trivedi
Music Director(s): S. N. Tripathi
Lyricist(s): Bharat Vyas
Year: 1959