Karwa Chouth is a Indian Bollywood/Fantasy film. It stars Agha, Master Bhagwan, Jagdev Bhambri. The movie has been produced by Ram Lal Hans.

Sitapur-based Mangala lives with her widowed mother and seven brothers, and is of marriageable age. Wealthy Banke Thakur would like to wed her, but she rejects him. She looks after an injured male, Anand, from Latpur, and after he recovers both fall in love with each other, and get married. She re-locates to live with his family, consisting of his brother, Mukund, and childless Bhabhi, Rani, who is very displeased as she wanted Anand to marry her gorgeous sister, Rambha; while Banke takes it

Genre: Bollywood/Fantasy
Producer: Ram Lal Hans
Music Director(s): C. Arjun, Raju Naik
Year: 1978