Kagaar is a 2003 Indian Drama/Crime film. It stars Amitabh Dayal, Nandita Dass, Anup Soni, Dinyar Tirandaz, Om Puri. The movie has been produced by Dr. Mrunalinni A. Dayal. The film was released theatrically on 31 October 2003.
Plot: Kagaar: Life on the Edge is a 2003 Indian Bollywood crime drama film starring Om Puri, Nandita Das, Amitabh Dayal, Anup Soni. The film was directed by N. Chandra and produced by Mrunalinni Patil, with Vishal Bhardwaj as music director. Wikipedia
Genre: Drama/Crime
Producer: Dr. Mrunalinni A. Dayal
Music Director(s): Vishal, Vishal Bhardwaj
Release Date: 31 Oct, 2003