Kaala Paani (1958) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars देव आनंद-(Dev Anand), Madhubala, Nalini Jaywant, Dev. Its songs are achchhaa jii main haarii, chalo maan jaao naa, nazar laage raajaa tore bangale par, ham bekhudii men tumako pukaare chale gae.
Plot: A young man, learning about his father's wrongful implication in a fifteen-year-old murder, vows to bring the true criminals to justice and release his innocent father from 'kala paani'.
Genre: Bollywood/Romance
Music Director(s): सचिन देव बर्मन-(S D Burman)
Lyricist(s): मजरूह सुलतान पुरी-(Majrooh)
Year: 1958