Jwala is a 2016 Indian Action/Romance film. It stars Puneet Issar, Goga Kapoor, Kamal Kapoor. The movie has been produced by Jagdish A. Sharma, Raj Lalchandani, Ashu Nihalani. The film was released theatrically on 04 November 2016.

Dev Dutt lives in a small town in Bihar, India, with his mom, and older brother, Jwala. It is his dream that he become a doctor, and the family makes many sacrifices to make his dream come true. Jwala himself forfeits any education, and a better life, so that he can save enough money to send Dev to medical college. They succeed in accumulating enough to send him to medical college in Bombay, where through hard work and diligence he succeeds in becoming a doctor. Since he is aware of an acute

Genre: Action/Romance
Producer: Jagdish A. Sharma, Raj Lalchandani, Ashu Nihalani
Release Date: 04 Nov, 2016