Haste Hasate is a 1998 Indian Comedy film. It stars Asrani, Vikram Gokhale, Rohini Hattangadi. The film was released theatrically on 18 October 1998.
Cast: Asrani, Vikram Gokhale, Rohini Hattangadi

This is the story of a retired P.T. teacher (Vikram Gokhale) who wants to make an Olympic Champion for his country. On the course, he finds five boys each of them having some speciality. He starts training them. On the other hand, each boy falls in love with a girl. The teacher thinks that their friendship with the girls will affect their training, so he takes them to the house of his old student (Varsha Usgaonkar). They get the upper floor of her house on rent. During the same peroid, the te

Genre: Comedy
Release Date: 18 Oct, 1998