Eik Dasttak is a 2007 Indian Bollywood/Thriller film. It stars Amit Behl, Kanika Dang, Vasundhara Das. The movie has been produced by Harkrishna A. Rai. The film was released theatrically on 16 March 2007.

After successfully completing his IRS examination, Kshitij joins the Income Tax Department in 1992. He subsequently gets transferred to Mumbai and gets inducted with a team consisting of Akansha Verma, Jayesh, Subir, and Ankita Sharma. Working undercover, the team uncovers Crores of black money, and persuades many businessmen to file realistic tax returns. Recounting his earlier years to Ankita, he narrates how he initially started his career; his tryst in Pune's Kareem Nagar and meeting

Genre: Bollywood/Thriller
Producer: Harkrishna A. Rai
Music Director(s): Sanjoy Chowdhury
Release Date: 16 Mar, 2007