Dial 100 is a 2001 Indian Crime film. It stars Aryan, Amar, Pinky Chinoy. The film was released theatrically on 05 October 2001.
Cast: Aryan, Amar, Pinky Chinoy

Rahul works as a Manager with a Hotel that was formerly owned by Bajaj, but after his suicide, Prem purchases the hotel and moves in along with his newly-wed wife, Anjali, and sister, Pooja, who is in love with Rahul. They decide to hold a dual celebration for Prem's wedding and the hotel ownership. After the announcement, Pooja gets an anonymous telephone call that Prem's life is in danger. She summons the Police, and Inspector Suraj Malhotra attends with several policemen. Despite o

Genre: Crime
Release Date: 05 Oct, 2001