Chalaak (1973) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Ajit, Alka, Brahm Bhardwaj. Its songs are dil kaa nazaraanaa le, o diladaar le, Maan Gaye Woh Tarana, Dil Ka Nazrana Le, Duniya Faani Bahta Paani, Yahan Kaun Hai Jo Tera, Agan Se Agan Bujha.
Cast: Ajit, Alka, Brahm Bhardwaj

Monica Kapoor lives a wealthy lifestyle in London, England. When she hears that her estranged brother, Kishan, has been killed while traveling in a train, she returns home to India and asks his much younger and drop dead gorgeous widow, Shobha, to move out so that she could sell the house, pick up the cash, return to London and get married to her boyfriend, Manoj. She does get to sell the house and compels Shobha to move in with Kishan's friend, Amar, but Manoj steals the cash and disappe

Genre: Action
Producer: Gulab Mehta
Music Director(s): Ganesh
Lyricist(s): Hasrat Jaipuri
Year: 1973