Andhera is a 1975 Indian Bollywood/Horror film. It stars Sameer Khan, Vani Ganpati, Imtiaz Khan. The film was released theatrically on 08 April 1975.

Deepak drives a car and tries to chase Asha seeing his driving her brother Ranjeet offers him to work with him as a driver.Asha and Deepak fall in love Ranjeet and his partners tell him to stay away from Asha but he doesn't listen.When Ranjit finds Asha is pregnant he and his partners beat Deepak and cuts both his hands leaving him handicapped and sends Asha to some other place.Deepak is very sad that his mother has to do everything for him seeing his condition she goes to Ranjeet for hel

Genre: Bollywood/Horror
Release Date: 08 Apr, 1975