Aaja Sanam is a 1968 Indian Drama film. It stars Feroz Khan, Tanuja, S.N. Banerjee. The film was released theatrically on 10 January 1968.
Cast: Feroz Khan, Tanuja, S.N. Banerjee

Dr. Satish travels from the big city to a small village, where he can serve the poor who cannot afford to go to the city for medical treatment. Once in the village, he meets with Shanti, who lives with her dad, Radhekiran, a watchman. Both Shanti and Satish fall in love, and exchange vows to be married. Radhekiran has an accident, and dies, leaving Shanti to re-locate, without notifying Satish. Satish is devastated at losing Shanti, and tries to locate her, to no avail. His parents want him t

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 10 Jan, 1968