Aaj Ka Robin Hood is a 1988 Indian Drama film. It stars Anil Chatterjee, Utpal Dutt, Rabi Ghosh. The film was released theatrically on 01 February 1988.
Cast: Anil Chatterjee, Utpal Dutt, Rabi Ghosh

Jatin Chatterjee lives a poor lifestyle in India circa the British rule. He is amongst the thousands who are actively agitating for the British to quit India. One day while on the run from authorities, he takes shelter on a tree and is apprehended by Shyam Jadhav, who takes him under his wing, hides him from the British, educates him, and then subsequently hires him to teach his sons, Ram, Ramdas, and Ramdulaare. Years later all three men have grown up, are married and have children of their

Genre: Drama
Release Date: 01 Feb, 1988