Zindagii ittafaaq hai song is from and it is sung by and .It stars , , , in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by B R Chopra. This song was released on 08 Aug 1969.
zindagii ittafaaq hai -2
kal bhii ittafaaq thii aaj bhii ittafaaq hai
zindagii ittafaaq hai
jaam pakad badhaa ke haath maang du_aa ghate na raat
jaan-e-vafaa terii qasam kahate hain dil kii baat ham
gar ko_ii mel ho sake aankhon kaa khel ho sake
apane ko kushanasiib jaan vaqt ko meharabaan maan
milate hain dil kabhii-kabhii varanaa hain ajanabii sabhii
mere hamadam mere meharabaan
har kushii ittafaaq hai -2
kal bhii ittafaaq thii
husn hai aur shabaab hai zindagii qaamayaab hai
bazm yuun hii khilii rahe apanii nazar milii rahe
rang yuun hii jamaa rahe vaqt yuun hii thamaa rahe
saaz kii lay pe jhuum le zulf ke kam ko chuum le
mere ki_e se kuchh nahiin tere ki_e se kuchh nahiin
mere hamadam mere meharabaan
ye sabhii ittafaaq hai -2
kal bhii ittafaaq thii
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