Set the roads on fire song is sung by . This song is penned by and composed by . This song was released on 08 Apr 2019.
Artist: Badshah
Lyrics: Badshah
Music: Badshah
Composition: Badshah
Set the roads on fire!
It’s you boy Badshah!

Chali chali chali chali
Dekho gaadi chali
Road pe dekho kaise
Kaise machi khalbali

Jo bhi dekhe
Mud mud ke dekhe dobara
Style attyug swag karara

Its all about mastiyan
Its all about fun mere bhai
Swag ka meter kar diya higher

Set the roads on fire x (4)

Yeh hai power ka bawandar
Jaise koyi cheeta iske andar
Ignition kiya main on
Palkein jhapakte hi naby I’m gone
Chaude hoke ghoomein dekho sadkon pe
Kyun ki hum jaisa nahi koyi sadkon pe
Dekho dekho kaise ghoome hain mere tyres

Set the roads on fire x (4)

Ghoomte hum yaaron ke sath
Chaahe ho din, chaahe ho raat
Hawa mein dekho udte hain baal
Bade kamaal hain apne haal x (2)

Set the roads on fire
It’s you boy badshah

Set the roads on fire x (4)

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