बिरंगी राखी लेके आई बहना - rang-birangii raakhii leke aa_ii bahanaa song is from and it is sung by .It stars , , and in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by Rajendra Bhatia, Mohan Segal. This song was released on 10 May 1962.
rang-birangii raakhii leke aa_ii bahanaa
o raakhii bandhavaa le mere viir -2
rang-birangii raakhii mere viir
main na chaandii, na sone ke naar maanguun
main na chaandii, na bhaiyaa sone ke naar maanguun
apane bhaiyaa kaa thodaa saa pyaar maanguun
thodaa saa pyaar maanguun
is raakhii men pyaar chhupaa le laa_ii bahanaa
raakhii bandhavaale mere viir
niile ambar se taare utaar laauun
niile ambar se bhaiyaa taare utaar laauun
yaa main chandaa kii kiranon ke haar laauun
kiranon ke haar laauun
pyaar ke badale ban le laharaa_ii bahanaa
raakhii bandhavaale mere viir
kabhii bhaiyaa ye bahanaa na paas hogii
kabhii bhaiyaa ye terii bahanaa na paas hogii
kahiin pardes baithii udaas hogii, bahanaa udaas hogii
milane kii aas hogii
jaane kab bichhad jaaen bhaa_ii-bahanaa
raakhii bandhavaale mere viir
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