.It stars , and in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . This song was released on 01 Jan 2018.
o baabuu o laalaa,
mausam dekho chalaa
sun le dil kyaa bolaa,
hai koii pyaar karane vaalaa
o baabuu o laalaa
khoyii khoyii rut hai
kuchh bahakii kuchh bahakaa_ii
mahafil kii mahafil hai
tanhaayii kii tanhaayii
aajaa mitaa den faasalaa
o baabuu o laalaa
sun jaa kyaa kahatii hain
ye bhiigii bhiigii raaten
saathii ban jaa meraa
kar len do miithii baaten
mujhase nigaahen to milaa
o baabuu o laalaa
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