Javaan tum ho, javaan ham hain song is from and it is sung by .It stars , , , in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by Amarjeet. This song was released on 28 Dec 1968.
javaan tum ho, javaan ham hain
ye pyaar tum se ho gayaa hai
milan kaa ik pal, gazab khudaa kaa
jigar men nashtar chubh gayaa hai
ye gamr retii ye paanv naazuk
ajii na jaao, padenge chhaale
merii ummiidon kaa tum ho suuraj
tumhaare dam se hain ye ujaale
javaan tum ho
vo thandii laharon men kab hai thandak
jo mere siine kii aag men hai
vo giit maujon men kab milegaa
jo mere saanson ke raag men hai
javaan tum ho
na aage jaao, hai gaharaa paanii
phir usape sholaa hai ye javaanii
tumhare tapate hue badan se
lagegeii jal men agan suhaanii
javaan tum ho
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