Aaj mausam badaa beiimaan hai, aaj mausam song is from and it is sung by .It stars , , , in leading roles. This song is penned by and composed by . It is produced by R.C. Kumar. This song was released on 12 Mar 1973.
aaj mausam badaa beiimaan hai
badaa beiimaan hai, aaj mausam
aane vaalaa koii tuufaan hai
koii tuufaan hai, aaj mausam
kyaa huaa hai, huaa kuchh nahiin hai
baat kyaa hai pataa kuchh nahiin hai
mujhase koii kataa ho ga_ii to
is men merii kataa kuchh nahiin hai
kuubasuurat hai tuu rut javaan hai
aaj mausam badaa beiimaan hai
kaalii-kaalii ghataa dar rahii hai
thandii aahen havaa bhar rahii hai
sabako kyaa-kyaa gumaan ho rahe hain
har kalii ham pe shak kar rahii hai
phuulon kaa dil bhii kuchh badagumaan hai
ai mere yaar ai husn vaale
dil kiyaa mainne tere havaale
terii marzii pe ab baat thaharii
jiine de chaahe tuu maar daale
tere haathon men ab merii jaan hai
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