Ye Stupid Pyar (2011) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Jatin Khurana, Noopur Patwardhan, Akansha.Its songs are Lamha Lamha Tere Hone Laga Hai Tera, Stupid Pyar (Title), Mehroom Hoon Main, Aana Phir Se Aana, Tere Naam Se.
Cast: Jatin Khurana, Noopur Patwardhan, Akansha
Plot: Abhishek (Jatin Khurana) back from his high profile MNC job in US for two weeks meets salsa instructor Neha (Noopur Patwardhan) at a gym. It's love at first sight for him. They soon get married and plan to move to America. But Neha emotionally blackmails him into moving to Bangkok instead. Once they reach Bangkok Neha leaves Abhishek for her boyfriend. A heartbroken Abhishek goes on to take help from his college best friend Simran (Akansha Shivhare) to find the run-away bride.… MORE
Genre: Romance
Producer: Rakesh Jain, M.L. Khurana
Music Director(s): Vipin Patwa, Reeky Dev
Lyricist(s): Arafat Mehmood, Yusuf Khan, Sanjay Mishra
Release Date: 09 Dec, 2011