Mujhse Dosti Karoge (2002) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars .Its songs are ##oh my darling, I love you## aaj ke laDake, anadekhii anajaanii sii jaane vo kaisii hogii re, jaane dil men kab se hai tuu, kah do ke tum mujhase dostii karoge, saaNvalii sii ik laDakii dhaDakan jaise dil kii, Andekhi Anjaani Si.
Plot: Raj, Tina and Pooja are friends. However, when Raj migrates to London, he keeps in touch with Tina via email but when Tina gets occupied with other things, Pooja and Raj get closer to each other.
Genre: Bollywood/Comedy music
Release Date: 09 Aug, 2002