Love (1991) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Salman Khan, Shafi Inamdaar, Amjad Khan.Its songs are Aai Bahar Khilte Hain Gul, Aaja Aaja Give Me A Kiss Na Na I M, I Am Sorry, My Love Meri Priyatama Main Hi, Sathiya Yeh Tune Kya Kiya, We Are Made For Each Other, We Are Made For Each, Aayi Bahar Khilte Hain Gul, My Love Meri Priyatama, Aaja Aaja Give Me A Kiss.
Plot: Prithvi's life changes when he meets Maggie and falls in love with her. But Maggie's parents disapprove of Prithvi due to his past and try to separate them.
Genre: Bollywood/Drama
Producer: Shyam Bajaj
Music Director(s): Anand Shrivastav, Milind Shrivastav
Lyricist(s): Majrooh Sultanpuri
Release Date: 30 Aug, 1991