Bawre Nain (1950) hit song lyrics collection. This movie stars Raj Kapoor, Geeta Bali.Its songs are Mohabbat Ke Maaron Ka Haal Ye Duniya Me Hota Hai.
Cast: Raj Kapoor, Geeta Bali
Plot: Chand and Tara fall in love but Chand is unable to find work in the town so he goes to look for a job and does not return so Tara goes looking for him and finds him married to Rajni.
Genre: Bollywood/Romance
Producer: Kidar Nath Sharma
Music Director(s): Roshanlal Nagrath (Roshan)
Lyricist(s): Kidar Nath Sharma (Kedar Sharma)
Release Date: 18 Jun, 1976